Martha Wasserman

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Doula Woman LLC
Ph: 262-902-8714

I offer postpartum doula services and on occasion mom-baby help and day-care. My philosophy is that of my birth doula work:   you keep your voice, keep your power, and get some sleep, encouragement, and flat-out help. I offer this  service days, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with a minimum of 2 to 4 hours per shift dependent on travel.

I am trained through ICEA as both a postpartum doula and as a breast-feeding counselor.  Doula Woman is judgment free. I offer education and referrals if you like.

I am mom to three adult children and I still remember feeling pretty desperate for help at times as  I raised my children with love and intent. That is why I am here for you. I have worked the system on behalf of a family member with severe mental illness and I know what it is like to raise a child as others’ judge you.

Questions welcome.